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Submitted: 07 August 2019 Modified: 07 August 2019
HERDIN Record #: 108920-19080715343226

Coping mechanisms of nurse learners to boarding house living conditions.

Leonor T. Capaoay,
Reynelle B. Miguel,
Abelyn C. Tio-tio,
Louisa F. Laron

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The study aimed to determine the coping mechanisms of Benguet State University nurse learners living in boarding houses. It also determined frequency of the problem encountered by the nurse learners who are living in boarding houses and the extent of their coping mechanisms.


Quantitative Descriptive research design using survey questionnaire coupled with interview and observation among seventy-five (75) nurse learners from Benguet State University as respondents. For data analysis, weighted mean, one and two sample t-test, and analysis of variance was used.


The findings shows that: the nurse learners sometimes encounter the problems in the physical and environmental dimensions, but never encounter the problems in the social/behavioral and management dimensions; and there is no significant difference on the frequency of the problems encountered when compared according to age and sex but significant in terms of year level. Results revealed that the extent of the coping mechanisms on the Benguet State University nurse learners is moderately effective.



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Research Report